The company’s corporate social responsibility strategy is based on the company’s philosophy of community service and limiting the negative impact of the company’s activity by supporting country state policies and providing commodity and commercial support and material aid to the community with its various components through the following support means:

  • Producing and providing basic commodities to the public all time at reasonable prices and contributing to achieving food security.
  • Providing fodder and feed concentrate and contributing to preserving the environment, reducing desertification and achieve sustainable pastures.
  • Contribute and implement of government policies in cows and camels destocking program and raw milk collection program from farmers and breeders.
  • Providing and distributing improved cows breeds to farmers by selling good breed calves at low prices.
  • Providing business opportunities for individuals and groups and creating business partnerships.
  • Employing and training national citizens.
  • Selling organic fertilizers to farmers.
  • Establishment of public companies that support the national economy.