A’Safwah Dairy, the oldest and most popular milk brand, has hit the market with yet another exciting new campaign urging parents and kids to make its popular easy-to-carry, 125ml flavored milk pack, a part of their Back-to-School celebrations. With kids returning to school for a new academic year after more than 15 months, the nutrition and goodness loaded flavored milk packs are aimed at encouraging parents to add these to their kids’ daily meals, making them an inherent part of the midday tiffin in school.

Helping parents to ensure their children receive the appropriate nutrients, the company produces great-tasting, nutrition-rich drinks that are perfect for children’s school lunches or afternoon snacks. It motivates parents to move away from high-calorie, carbonated beverages to drinks that are more wholesome and nutritious. The new schoolbag-friendly flavored milk comes at a suitable price point and is available in strawberry, banana and chocolate flavors promising ‘fun in a bottle’ for kids.

“My children have always enjoyed A’Safwah’s flavored milk. The conveniently sized new pack is easy to carry and fits perfectly into the bag. It also gives my children their daily boost of nutrition. It’s the ideal drink to add to your kids’ school lunch,” said Mrs. Noora Al Raisi, a consumer of A’Safwah products. “All the flavored milk options from A’Safwah are rich in taste, refreshing and healthy. It is, therefore, no surprise that it’s so popular amongst kids and adults.”

A’Safwah Dairy's popular mascot, Safwan, adds another appeal for school-going children. Fun and energetic, Safwan derives his superhero-like qualities from A’Safwah’s flavored milk. His health-conscious yet fun personality aims at inspiring children to adopt healthy dietary habits and active lifestyle, which will help their minds grow sharper and their bodies stronger. The children’s familiarization with Safwan will drive an increase in consumption of A’Safwah flavored milk amongst children and contribute to their daily nutrition goals.

By creating products of different sizes and flavors, A’Safwah strives to meet the varying needs of its consumers. Along with the growing popularity of the 125 ml packs, A’Safwah’s flavored milk also comes in 200 ml bottles making it optimal for on-the-go refreshment.

A’Safwah’s range of UHT or long-life milk has gained increased popularity in the Omani market. With many assorted flavors, the company aims to be the top choice of children and parents alike.

A’Safwah Dairy is committed to expanding and diversifying its products. The company's vision is to leverage the many resources of the Sultanate to produce healthy and natural dairy products for its customers. A’Safwah has state-of-the-art dairy farms and high-tech infrastructure, in addition to excellent distribution networks. Being a 100 percent Omani brand with more than 38 years of experience in dairy production, A’Safwah provides fresh and quality products by directly sourcing pure cow milk from the company’s own dairy farms located in Salalah. Obtaining locally, and processing the milk at its advanced facilities, A’Safwah then distributes this quickly to customers, ensuring minimal farm to table time.

Since its inception in 1983, A’Safwah Dairy is one of the largest vertically integrated dairy company in the Sultanate of Oman. The company has remarkable goodwill, producing premium quality fresh milk, dairy products and juices, which are sold both in Oman and overseas, under the brand name A’Safwah Milk and Dairy products and A’Safwah Beverages. A major focal point of the company is to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst the people. In line with this, the company has taken various initiatives to encourage consumers to opt for healthier food options.