With the onset of summer and a rise in temperature, the demand for refreshing juices and Laban drinks is on the rise. A’Safwah, Oman's oldest integrated dairy company, offers a wide range of natural juices without sugar additives, fresh laban and laban drinks which make for healthy alternates for this season.

A company spokesperson said, “A’Safwah team, which includes specialized nutritionists, has worked with dedication to provide drinks that give consumers a sense of freshness in every sip. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, it helps to replenish the body with vital nutrients that we tend to lose due to perspiration on a hot, summer day.”

Due to a high percentage of vitamin C, natural orange juice was the first option that A’Safwah decided to put on the market. In addition to its delicious taste, orange juice also helps improve blood circulation and boost immunity. Apple juices have also been a popular choice amongst consumers. A’Safwah’s 100% natural apple juice is naturally sweet and provides a lot of health benefits like promoting heart health, controlling cholesterol levels and helping the body rid itself of toxins.

The spokesperson added, “Good nutrition is the essence of health, which is why A’Safwah is interested in producing various natural, no added sugar juices such as orange juice and apple juice. We also offer fresh full cream Laban, fresh strawberry flavored laban and laban drinks that includes two types, plain and jeera, thus providing variety to the consumer and making our products the ideal daily choice. With our extensive experience in market and customers’ requirements, we will continue to create nutritious, innovative and healthy products."

A’Safwah encourages consumers to drink fresh laban and laban drinks, which are considered as best summer drinks for different age groups because it contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Some studies have shown that laban helps to relax nerves and cool the body. Additionally, because laban has a lot of water content, it helps to overcome dehydration, tiredness and exhaustion caused by the loss of fluids due to perspiration. Drinking fresh laban or laban drinks also enhances the body's ability to maintain good levels of calcium that strengthens the bones as well as teeth.

A’Safwah Dairy is proud of its state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern distribution systems. While A’Safwah has seen steady growth through the years and has expanded operations to meet the growing demand for its distinctive and tasty products, it has ensured that it stays committed to its pledge of providing consumers with natural juices, fresh milk and dairy products that are of the highest quality, fresh and 100% local produce.