With its extensive experience and understanding of the local market, A’Safwah, one of Oman's largest integrated dairy companies, has become a preferred companion for meals among families in the Sultanate. With its Turkish labneh product, A’Safwah offers local-taste lovers innovative ideas for healthy and delicious recipes, all leading to creating some unforgettable memories.

A’Safwah Turkish labneh is one of consumers' favorite products. Researches have confirmed that labneh is a healthy source of protein and probiotics. While seeking to encourage consumers to follow healthy patterns, A’Safwah also follows all procedures for committing to delivering high quality products, Made in Oman.

Labneh is also a beautiful ingredient for some dessert recipes, for example, the cheesecake recipe is popular locally. Many consumers prefer to mix A’Safwah Turkish labneh with other ingredients including cream cheese, vanilla and sugar, then place the mix on a plate of butter-putty biscuits, that is sprinkled with pistachio powder.

To make a light and quick dish, a popular Omani Baker cooks pies with A’Safwah Turkish labneh. Explaining the method of preparation she said, “The A’Safwah Turkish labneh is soft and characterized by its integrated flavor. I use it to create healthy recipes for my family and customers. For example, I add the labneh on tortilla bread and then put it in the oven. After that I add some olive pieces and drops of Omani honey. A’Safwah labneh helps me create a dish that my customers deserve and enjoy.”

Consumers also like to add labneh to salads and appetizers such as samosa, kofta and sandwiches, for the taste it adds to each dish, as well as consumers’ awareness of the high nutritional value in labneh. By adding A’Safwah Labneh on two brown toasts and thin cucumber slices on top and drops of olive oil, children's sandwiches become ready for a healthy and light breakfast to start their school day.

Mothers also like to add A’Safwah Turkish labneh to the salads. In describing the special salad she prepares for her family at home, Meznah Al Breki said, “I like preparing salads with different ingredients each time, but my family prefers labneh salad. It has a delicious and distinctive taste, and can be eaten directly or with bread. The salad consists of A’Safwah Turkish labneh, two diced tomatoes, one diced cucumber, green olive cut without seeds, small pieces of a green chili, a few leaves of dried Omani zaatar which is characterized by its sharp flavor, a pinch of black pepper, and two tablespoons of olive oil. I mix the ingredients together and serve the dish as an appetizer with leaves of fresh parsley for decoration. It is one of the most loved dishes that my family enjoys.”

With its experience since 1983 in dairy products, A’Safwah Dairy is proud to have modern processing facilities, an effective distribution network and an exceptional team of experts who are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence. The company has also demonstrated its commitment to providing fresh and local products to its customers.