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A'safwah History

A’safwah Dairy is the only largest vertically integrated dairy company in sultanate of Oman. The company has remarkable goodwill, producing premium quality fresh milk, dairy products and juices which are sold both in Oman and overseas, under the brand name A'Safwah Milk and Dairy products and A'Safwah Beverages.

No matter where in the Sultanate you are, the chances are that A’Safwah products are a part of your daily life. Everyday, around the Sultanate and the neighboring region, people reach for A’Safwah products.

We have the advantage of:

> Strong roots in local markets and first-hand knowledge of the local culture.
> Business intelligence and technical expertise that is applied to serve our consumers.
> We are the most popular and preferred Dairy brand in the Sultanate with greater presence in the whole country, Yemen and West Africa.
> A’safwah is the category leader among the fresh milk range in the Sultanate.

Our milk comes from cows that receive the best care along with healthy and nutritious diet in the form of quality feed; to ensure that they produce wholesome, high-quality milk.

We pot the milk at our own dairy-plant under the most sophisticated, automatic environment. We follow strict ISO proven safety measures to achieve the best quality, thereby bringing the best milk for you.

The major contributors to the massive success of A'Safwah are:-

> Premium cattle herds
> Superior sales and marketing prowess
> Strategic technological & infrastructural advantage
> Efficient human investments

The unique climate at the Dhofar Region, where A'Safwah has its farms endows the most ideal conditions for cattle rearing and dairy herd management in the whole of GCC.

We work closely with environmental advisors and local and regional environmental regulators to formulate environmentally protective, clean, hygienic and efficient operating procedures to enable us to produce the finest dairy products including Fresh Milk, Yoghurt, Laban and Beverages.