A’Safwah, the leading brand in the production and distribution of dairy and beverages in the Sultanate, has launched its milk, laban and fresh juice variants in new 200ml bottles, making them optimal for on-the-go snacking and much-needed refreshment. The brand, following a customer-centric approach, has carved a unique position for itself in the market, introducing high-quality products in innovative, premium packaging.

A company spokesperson said, “The main reason for launching the new square-shaped bottle pack for fresh & flavored milk, fresh laban, and juices is to meet the consumers’ needs. This exemplifies our interest in providing innovative products that keep pace with the current lifestyle of today’s modern, on-the-go consumer – be it mothers, kids, or working individuals. The distinctive and attractive design of the square bottle and its small size with a capacity of 200ml comes as a result of an extensive research carried out by the company, to find out all the standards that the consumer is looking for in on-the-go refreshment products, while also ensuring that they are sold at a price point that suits everyone.”

A’Safwah beverages portfolio includes 100% sugar-free variety flavors – apple & orange, in an all new 200ml bottle that brings health benefits and added-value to consumers. The other juice flavors include mango, pineapple, guava and lemon, in addition to mixed fruit, orange carrot, kiwi lemon, berry mix juice and Tamarind. The new on-the-go packs are available in flavored milk of strawberry, and banana promising ‘fun in a bottle’ to kids and adults alike.

What the consumer needs most on their travels – short or long- is natural refreshments that are good for their health, are nutritious and at the same time provide all the fluids that the body needs. In this context, the spokesperson said, “With the new packaging line-up of A’Safwah dairy and beverages, family members in their various categories can enjoy memorable moments with these tasty offering, feeling full and refreshed. The flavored milks are a favorite among kids and ensure mothers that their child gets his/ her daily dose of nutrition through A’Safwah packs.”

Orange juice is one of the best beneficial juices for the body, as it enhances and strengthens body immunity because of its healthy properties. Apple juice helps to reduce body fat, improve digestion, strengthen the immune system, and enhance focus. Also, there are a lot of benefits that other fresh fruit juices provide to the human body.

Experts have stated that flavored milk is part of a healthy diet to maintain good health, and drinking it has been scientifically proven to earn the body more phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and vitamin ‘A’ than individuals who do not prefer to drink milk.

Commenting on the launch of the new 200ml line-up alongside the available family-sized range of products, the spokesperson said, "We seek to expand and diversify our products through innovation. Our vision is to leverage the Sultanate's bounties and produce natural, healthy and fresh dairy derivatives and juices to provide consumers with more choices. In addition, the new packs are more practical in terms of their size, which meets the need for on-the-go customers. It invites them to enjoy a quick and healthy meal with fun.”

A’Safwah, which is a 100% Omani brand since 1983, reserves a good understanding of the local market and the preferences of its people. It lays a keen focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst the people. In line with this, the company has taken various initiatives to encourage consumers to go for healthier food options.