A’Safwah, the oldest dairy & beverage company in the Sultanate, continues to offer its versatile range of products in newer packaging and sizes, based on its extensive research and a deep understanding of consumer needs. The company has announced the launch of new 1.5-litre bottle packs of its natural juices range, to cater to everyday refreshment needs of a family, to beat the summer heat with a daily dose of fruit goodness.

With the beginning of summer vacation for school students, A’Safwah invites mothers and kids to try their favorite fruit flavors, packaged with great taste, in a family sized 1.5-litres bottle. The company offers a wide choice of juices with a single fruit flavor, 100% no-added sugar juices, fruity blended juices, and other fruit-mixed juices with a variety of distinctive flavors.

A company spokesperson said, “We always strive to create products of different sizes and flavors, reflecting our interest to achieve our customers' requirements through all seasons during the year. Our continuous communication with them seeks to take first-hand feedback, so we are able to implement their suggestions for their best interest and convenience of usage. This helps to enhance the level of service satisfaction by offering them products and healthy choices that add value to their diet and make their snacking occasions tastier with natural ingredients and an unmatched taste.”

A’Safwah offers juices for all tastes, which includes unique blends of lemon juice with kiwi and orange juice with carrots, as well as delicious fruit cocktail juice and mixed berry juice. Its 100%, no-added sugar juices include the apple and orange flavors, which urge consumers to make ‘healthy’ a choice.

A’Safwah also offers a range of juices to fans of concentrated fruit taste, inviting them to enjoy moments full of adventure and joy with mango juice, guava, lemon and pineapple; for the first time the company now offers tamarind juice with a unique, tangy taste. Earlier this year, the A’Safwah range of juices were introduced in new-shaped on-the-go 200ml bottles, which meet the body's need for beneficial liquids and reduce fatigue and the feeling that a hot summer day brings with it.

The spokesman added, “Since its establishment in 1983, A’Safwah has been able to consolidate its presence in local markets and enhance its contribution to self-sufficiency within Oman. The company has expanded its production line for dairy products, healthy and fresh beverages, which has contributed to increasing its loyal customer base. It continues to seek to add more products to meet consumers' requirements and exceed their expectations.”

A’Safwah Dairy seeks to expand and diversify its products through innovation. Through its vision the company aims to leverage the Sultanate's bounties and produce natural, healthy and fresh dairy derivatives and juices to provide consumers with more choices. A’Safwah takes great pride in its world-class state of the art dairy farms, advanced infrastructure and excellent distribution systems. As a 100% Omani brand, A’Safwah has extensive experience in the local market, where production begins directly and includes all stages from dairy farming to advanced production facilities and to distribution in its delivery networks, to reduce the time of its products reaching outlets in all governorates, making its fresh products the first choice.