A’Safwah, one of Oman's largest integrated dairy companies, has become the preferred companion for family meals. The brand’s extensive experience in the local market, and the ability to deliver Made in Oman, fresh products, makes it a convenient choice for those looking for wholesome nutrition for family meals, kids’ tiffin, and even on-the-go snack options. For local-taste lovers, A’Safwah offers innovative ideas for healthy and delicious recipes with its fresh yogurt.

A’Safwah yogurt is produced from pure cow's milk and contains a variety of health benefits. It can be eaten directly or by adding it to a mild and tasteful recipe. In order to meet the needs of all categories of customers, A’Safwah yogurt comes in packets of different sizes ranging from 90 grams to 10 kg including various family size packs.

Confirming the distinctive taste of a chicken dish with the marinade of A’Safwah yogurt, an Omani homemaker and A’Safwah customer, said, “A’Safwah yogurt is freshly-flavored and rich with beneficial nutrients. I mix it with lemon juice, garlic powder, onions, spices and salt – a marinade recipe I find perfect for grilled chicken with vegetables. I rely on A’Safwah products to add a good and fresh taste when preparing the meals that my family loves.”

Yogurt is generally known for its effectiveness in improving body health and enhancing immunity. It is very beneficial to the heart. The probiotic element in yogurt also promotes digestive health.

Some consumers like to make yogurt smoothie by blending it with different types of fruits, such as strawberries, pomegranates and bananas. The way it is prepared is very easy, using one portion of A’Safwah yogurt, a cup of milk and a sliced banana fruit, mixed in the blender with the addition of two cubes of ice. Once the texture of banana smoothie with yogurt becomes soft, serve in a cup to enjoy the yummiest fresh and refreshing taste. Top it with nuts if one likes!

What more? Recipes like smoothies and yogurt with oats, are not just easy to prepare but also can be stored for up to 2 days in a refrigerator.

On the other hand, an Omani restaurant owner, said that she prefers to eat A’Safwah yogurt with any type of rice. She prepares a special sauce containing a packet of yogurt and a pinch of salt, mashed garlic, sumac, tahini, olive oil and lemon juice. With the ingredients well-mixed and eaten with a meat or chicken Kabsa, biryani or boiled rice, she enjoys a supreme taste.

With A’Safwah yogurt, mothers can prepare an easy and healthy meal by blending it with any kind of fruit the baby loves. Mix a teaspoon of honey and crushed biscuits in a blender with a pack of A’Safwah yogurt and pieces of peeled and de-core guava. If the mixture is light, it is preferred to add more biscuits. Guava can be replaced by other fruits such as pears or apples, but should be boiled and mashed first, then added to other ingredients. To motivate the child to eat this nutritious meal, the dish can be decorated with pieces of fruit.

A’Safwah dairy takes pride in having state-of-the-art processing facilities, an effective distribution network across all nook and corner of Oman with an exceptional team of experts who are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence. With its experience since 1983 in dairy production, the company has demonstrated its commitment to providing high-quality local products to its customers.